Know your dental cavities and treat them well

You get your teeth only twice during your life and the decayed teeth will never return once fallen. The tooth decay should be avoided to get stronger and long lasting teeth. The cavities are the holes made in your teeth due to several reasons. The reasons may vary and the damage would be high or low according to the reason for decay. The cavities can turn into complete loss and hence check more information about the cavities below.

dental cavities

Cavities – Definition

Cavities are holes formed in teeth due to different reasons and may get converted into serious tooth decay. This problem is resulted from the loss of tooth enamel. The coronal cavity is commonly seen in most of the patients. The treatment for the cavity should be done without wasting much time as it may otherwise get converted into serious problem. Click here to get treated.

Reasons behind cavity formation

The cavity may be formed because of many reasons and the main reason for the cavity can be wrong eating habits. There are many other factors apart from food that causes the enamel loss and attacks the teeth.

  • The oral hygiene and routine maintenance of your teeth may offer you cavity free teeth.
  •  The food particles especially generated from sweet food would cause further decay in the teeth.
  • Your dental care routine will check the spread of microbes to the great extent and hence you may become regular in the maintenance of your teeth.
  • The tooth brush you are using may also decide the hygiene of your teeth to great extent.

Cavities Symptoms

Once you click here and get to know about the cavities, your next step should be to check whether you have cavities or not. The cavities cannot be known till they are fully developed. They develop below the tooth surface and later when the development happens to its fullest then the symptoms develop. Sudden tooth ache is the standard symptom of cavity. The hole in the tooth clearly states that you have the cavity. The dentist may check the decay in the cavity with the help of dental X-Ray.

Once you have confirmed that the cavities are developed, then you may need more information on treatment. Visit your dentist soon and click here to find Cavities treatments. The treatment in time will save your tooth or else it will be removed.